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Overview of HCG Diet

On May 29, 2016, in General info, by Richie Richardson

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet is a kind of diet which is much restrictive and allows only 500 calories per day. This diet also includes daily HCG hormone injection or oral HCG drops. This diet system implements low calorie food for losing weight within a limited time period. The major advantage offered by this system is to lose weight rapidly without putting much effort.

overview of hcg diet

HCG is a hormone that is found inside the human body. HCG can be found in urine at the time of pregnancy. This hormone is produced by certain tumors and also by the pituitary glands. The HCG hormone has the ability to mobilize the fat stores for bringing energy to baby that is growing inside uterus. This hormone is gonadotropic as it is helpful in prompting the genital development. HCG is used also for the treatment of fertility.

Working of HCG Diet

The basic idea behind the implementation of HCG diet is that it helpful in making your body access the stores of fats easily as well as very fast compared to the normal cases. Most of the HCG diet reviews have great revelations regarding how fast the aim of weight losing could be accomplished. HCG diet reviews also states that by following this methodology of losing weight, the mass of bones or muscles are not lost but the body fat is lost quickly. The HCG diet makes you follow low calorie diet that allows you to start losing weights quickly. The HCG hormone shots help in reducing your appetite and also makes sure that your fats are getting burned and not your muscles. Many of the HCG diet reviews say that the method is very much effective but scientifically there is no proof that this method can really reduce your weight in the rapid manner as it is guaranteeing. This method of weight loss do not come in less cost, you need to spend a good amount of money for following HCG diet with its injections as well as oral. The expenses for adopting HCG diet may be more for the ones who are significantly obese.

Pros of HCG Diet

The HCG diet suggest that this methodology for weight loss can bring you benefits like
1. Weight loss without any effort
2. Rapid weight loss

Cons of HCG diet

The HCG diet as not a proven methodology by the scientific world, it is hard to adapt it just like that as you may not be able to predict the side effects caused by this method of weight loss. The common disadvantages associated with HCG are the following:
1. This methodology does not mention about exercise or any physical activity which can keep an individual healthy.
2. The calorie restriction suggested as per the HCG diet reviews are found lower than what is safe to be followed.
3. The side effects concerned with injecting HCG hormone regularly are unknown to the scientific world.
4. HCG injection can hide the emergence of cancerous cells in our body, which makes it difficult for diagnosing cancer.


Common Questions of Dieting Answered

On December 1, 2014, in General info, by Richie Richardson

Whenever people are starting a new diet they have some questions in their mind. Again, these questions might pop up in anyone’s head. So, we are here trying to answer some of the most common questions.

Is it really possible to lose 2 pounds per week?

Of course, it is possible and can be easily done. First you need to understand how many calories make a pound. It has been clearly stated and accepted fact that 3500 calories constitute of one pound. Therefore, if you were looking to lose 2 pounds then you need to lose 7000 claories. Now, that number of 7000 seems great. But since, we are losing it throughout the week, for seven days, we need to lose only 1000 calories per day.

Now, you can easily lose 300 calories through exercise. A low paced exercise done for 30 minutes helps in losing 300 calories easily. The rest of the 700 calorie can be lost by cutting down on your food. You do not have to write down the calorie of each meal or calculate and consume. All you have to do is cut down 1/4th of the portion that you would normally eat per day on every meal you consume. This way you can cut down 2 pounds per week.

Does Skipping Meals Help in Weight Loss?

Nope, this is just a myth. Let me tell, you why. When you skip your meal two things happen in your body:

  • Blood sugar levels drops. The blood sugar level is one of the many factors that determine hunger pangs. When it drops, your body is thrown into craving. And when you crave you tend to overeat. In fact while craving you cannot control your body and you will end up eating anything junk.
  • Secondly your body is thrown into famine situation. In ancient times, famine was common. And as you known fat are converted into energy and used by our body it was reserved. Therefore, when you start skipping of the meals your body assumes that there is a famine outside and starts conserving the stored fat which makes weight loss a bit tardy.

Therefore, considering the above two factors skipping meals is bad for weight loss.

Constipation is a Common Side Effect of Diet:

No, it is not at all. Constipation only occurs when you do not consume enough amount of fiber and fluids. Your body requires roughly 30 gms of fiber per day. And the best source of fiber is fruits. Moreover, you also need a good supply fo fluids so that the digestion process is eased and decreases constipation. If you follow these two rules, then you will never have constipation.

Is Protein Diet Good for Weight Loss?

No, protein diets are just another name of fad diets. They have some serious side effects. Your body needs only 1gram of protein per kilogram of your body weight. So, when you are consuming protein more than that then it gets stored as fat. Moreover, excess amount of protein can put a stress on liver and kidney.

Can I still Eat Out when I am on the Diet?

I don’t see why you can’t eat outside when on diet. Just adhere to these basic rules and ensure to maintain the calorie limit.

  • Opt for tandoori instead of grilled and fried
  • Opt for baked and roasted instead of fried.
  • Seasonings can done using mint or salsa instead of cheese
  • And you can opt for breads made out of wheat

Can Couples go on a Diet?

Most dieticians encourage couples to go on a diet. This encourages morale and keeps both on track. However, one crucial point to be noted is that men should consume more calories than women. An additional of 300 calories is necessary as the testosterone hormone is men needs to build more muscle mass.




Details about Phase 1

On October 22, 2014, in hcg diet, by Richie Richardson

The phase one of hcg diet is also known as the loading phase. This phase lasts for the first three days of the hCG diet. This is the most important of all the phases because if you do this correct then you are bound to lose more weight than you thought was possible.

A little Introduction about Phase one:

Phase one of HCG diet is the period in which you will eat high carb and high protein foods for three days. This is done to ensure that the hypothalamus is triggered. In case you are unaware about the function of hypothalamus then it is an organ that regulates your hunger system apart from many other main functions.

So practically when you consume a meal, the energy that is required is used up while the rest is stored as fat by the hypothalamus. Hence, a person who does not have much of an active life or who consumes more calories than he gets to spend will have fat sotred away in his system. During the loading phase all the fat stored throughout the year in the past is released. Now since you are also taking the HCG hormone either in the form of injections or drops your body will not store the excess fat. The excess fat will be used to convert into energy in the second and third phase.

Therefore, the phase one of hcg diet might not appear important. But if you do not follow the protocol correctly you might end up losing weight lesser than you should have.



One of the best hcg drops in the market

On October 16, 2014, in hcg 1234, by Richie Richardson

We have been writing about hcg drops for about a year. And we have come across loads of hcg merchants. However, not all of them are the samehCG1234_4bottles__36741_zoom and not all of them as effective as some of them are. But on some occasions there are some hcg merchants that are the best of the bets. The quality of the hcg hormone is superior and the effectiveness with which they lose weight is simply great.

So who is this merchant that I am talking about? They are called the hcg 1234 and have been in this business for over a decade. They have the greatest supplement in terms of the hcg drops.

What makes them so special?

First of all they are the most genuine of hcg merchants that you can find online. Secondly they have some great offers. For instance, they have a single bottle at the cost of just $59. And furthermore they have some other bottles at the cost of $120 and so on. I can guarantee you that you wil be amazed by the offers presented by HCG 1234.

How effective is the hcg hormone in terms of weight loss?

I am not sure in this term as this factor depends on the individual. But when I tried it personally I lost about 1.5 pounds of weight on average. Hence, I would say that the effectiveness of hcg 1234 is like 1.5 pounds per day. But this can be higher or lower depending upon the individual.

What are the other alternative for HCG 1234?

The other alternatives are HCG triump and HCG complex. These are the two other hcg merchants that can compete with HCG 1234 in terms of quality and service. However, when it comes to pricing factor the HCG complex beats all the other hcg merchants.

Whom do we recommend?

We recommend all the three hormones. We insist that you visit all the three websites and have a look for yourself. This will help you to understand the merchants better and who appeases you more personally.


Youghurt might Help in your Weight loss Quest

On September 22, 2014, in other fad diet., by Richie Richardson

Have you even wondered whether elements present in your kitchen can help in weight loss.  Yes, you are right. Today I am going to reveal something that you have never ever heard before in the weight loss industry. It is known as the yoghurt weight loss.

It is so easy that the weight loss industry does not want you to know about it.

By eating yoghurt everyday you are increasing the density of the bacteria in your gut. This bacteria helps in breaking down the food in your gut easily and fast. Moreover, you are entitles to an extra boost of appetite suppressant. Naturally what happens is that you r metabolism rate is increased in great numbers and you are losing weight automatically.

Interestingly, the weight loss industry has seen into this and they are coming up with a new type of weight loss diet known as probiotic shot. This is not approved by the FDA yet however, soon they will be in the market.


HCG – Whether Safe or Not

On September 17, 2014, in hcg hormone drops, by Richie Richardson

Most people in forums always ask the question of whether it is safe to use HCG diet or not. All of these people who ask this question are newbies and they have never used HCG diet in their life. Hence, the confusion of safety.

Let me tell you something. People who have used HCG diet have never gone back to any other form of diet. The reason is obvious as it is safe and works just fine.

Here today I will quell this insecurity.

What is HCG diet:

HCG is a low calorie diet accompanied with the HCG hormone. Due to presence of low calorie food in this diet most people who have no knowledge about this are considering it unsafe to use. This has lead to confusion and writing of this article in special.

Low calorie is unsafe, right?: Yes, it is unsafe only if you are only on low calorie food. But you are accompanied with HCG hormone which helps to pass the signal to your brain that with low calorie food everything is fine. Most people have lost weight with this diet system. If they can do it then you can.

Even if you are still skeptic as to whether it is safe or not just answer this question: Why would someone sell a product if it was unsafe? The obvious answer is that people who have used it have been fruitful and found it great.


Egg Whites and Weight Loss

On September 9, 2014, in General info, by Richie Richardson

Recent study shows that egg whites can help in weight loss. The reason? When a person consumes high amount of protein he or she has higher levels of satiating effects. In other terms, due to high protein consumption the calorie intake of a person is reduced drastically. For instance let us consider that you have consumed high protein levels. Soon you will have a full stomach and you will not crave for any food for longer periods. Consider the same for long term and you will have a drastic amount of weight loss.

Egg whites contain higher levels of proteins and very few amount of fats. Therefore, they are considered as the best weight loss supplement. Hence, in the end you will lose weight with egg whites.


Lose weight by drinking water

On August 25, 2014, in other fad diet., by Richie Richardson

Did you know that you can lose weight by drinking water? Are you surprised? Yes, most of you will. Because this is the easiest thing that you have ever learnt about weight loss. Weight loss does happen so easily, that is what you have led to believe. However, weight loss does can happen easily with just drinking water. Here is how:

  1. The most crucial thing is to drink a glass of water the first thing in the morning. It is most recommended that you drink the water after brushing teeth. If you drink before brushing the teeth this is not going to work as it should. I am not sure why. But drink water only after brushing your teeth daily.
  2. Consume a glass of clean water before every meal. This may not seem logical for weight loss but it is true that one can lose weight with drinking water before meal. Please not over here that I did mention to drink water before half an hour. Some people have the habit of drinking water immediately before a meal. Such practices can result in a contrary result of weight loss. Hence, I recommend, drinking water only before half an hour. Delay the time or increase the time further and you will have no result on weight loss.
  3. Finally, have the water before going to bed. I know most people won’t recommend it because it causes you to get up in the night as you get an urge to urinate. However, it is good practice as you get to detox your body at night. This is the time when your body is burning fat and trying to store excess as fat.

List of HCG Diet Drops Sellers Online

On August 11, 2014, in hcg hormone drops, by Richie Richardson

HCG diet drops can be purchased from anywhere you want. However, there are some important points that you should take into consideration while purchasing the HCG hormone drops. The obvious reason is that you might get stuck purchasing an illegal supplement which apart from wasting your hard earned money may also result in some serious side effects.

List of Top Rated HCG Retailers

Here are important points that you should take into consideration

  1. The seller should have an approval from the FDA. This might sound extravagant. However, the truth is that most sellers do not have the approval from FDA. Hence, please look for a certificate from the FDA that shows the approval. Most online sellers will have a scanned copy of the approval posted over their website.
  2. The hormone should be produced and manufactured within United States. Since the cost of production and manufacturing in the States is higher most outsource it to third world countries. This importing of Hormone is considered as illegal according to the FDA. Therefore, look for a seller who has manufactured within the United States.
  3. The lab in which the hormone is produced should be accompanied by a certification of approval. This approval states that the hormone manufactured in such a lab is of high quality and meets the FDA standards on medication.
  4. Finally, look for merchants who have well established themselves. For instance the merchant selling the product should be in the business for more than five years and should have majority of positive reviews.

List of Top Rated HCG Retailers

The above was just the information you needed to purchase HCG drops. Now we are going to look into some other basics that will necessary get your attentions.

Does this HCG diet really work?

Let me ask you a simple question. If this diet didn’t work at all how come you came to know about it and are reading about it. If anything within the market does not work it will hardly stand the test of time. The HCG diet has stood the test of time for long years and will continue to stand as people are very much interested in it. What I am trying to say is that the HCG diet has real testimonials and do not require marketing from any agency or media. It is purely through word of mouth that people are purchasing the product.

How much weight can one lose with HCG diet?

To say that you will lose weight in such and such amount then that would be a lie. There is no said figure through which you will lose that weight. However, on average and according to the status officially, it has been noted that an average person can lose anywhere between one to three pounds a day. For some that will be significant and for some this number can be low.


Connection between Metabolism and Weight Loss

On August 4, 2014, in hcg diet, by Richie Richardson

Lot of experts claim that a person loses weight when metabolism of the system increases. I, on the other hand, bed to differ. This is a claim which has no scientific evidence. In a recent documentary shot by BBC, they have uncovered a fact that increased metabolism does not necessary mean increased weight loss.

What is metabolism?

This explanation is for those who have forgotten heir biology classes. Metabolism is the measure of the body’s ability to burn fat or calories. Therefore, if a person’s body burns more calorie then eventually that person has an increased metabolism.

What exactly happens when metabolism is increased?

This is a layman explanation of metabolism. Our digestive system has an army of bacteria which aids us in digestion along with the HCL. These army of bacteria are helpful to us as they digest the consumed food and breakdown into nutrients that are absorbed by the body. Therefore, technically, what happens is a person has increased metabolism is that the bacteria tend to digest food faster than normal. In the end you will have no food left. If there is no food left then arises no possibility of the body to store fat. Furthermore, since all of the calorie is used up from the consumed food you will have to use up your stored fat which is then converted as energy. Hence, a person with increased metabolism has to lose weight eventually.

Unfortunately, that is not the whole case:

We are missing a bid picture here. All the above information are correct. However, we have not accounted for the hunger that gets aroused when the food within our system is digested. When a person’s system has digested the consumed food then a hunger pang arises which needs to be taken care. There are two options. One is to consume more food therefore no weight loss can take place and the other option is to take a hunger suppressant medication which rules out the fact that metabolism is responsible for weight loss.

So in the end metabolism does not aid in weight loss naturally. Hence, the next time you hear someone put for this question provide this explanation.