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Overview of HCG Diet

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet is a kind of diet which is much restrictive and allows only 500 calories per day. This diet also includes daily HCG hormone injection or oral HCG drops. This diet system implements low calorie food for losing weight within a limited time period. The major advantage offered by this system is to lose weight rapidly without putting much effort.

overview of hcg diet

HCG is a hormone that is found inside the human body. HCG can be found in urine at the time of pregnancy. This hormone is produced by certain tumors and also by the pituitary glands. The HCG hormone has the ability to mobilize the fat stores for bringing energy to baby that is growing inside uterus. This hormone is gonadotropic as it is helpful in prompting the genital development. HCG is used also for the treatment of fertility.

Working of HCG Diet

The basic idea behind the implementation of HCG diet is that it helpful in making your body access the stores of fats easily as well as very fast compared to the normal cases. Most of the HCG diet reviews have great revelations regarding how fast the aim of weight losing could be accomplished. HCG diet reviews also states that by following this methodology of losing weight, the mass of bones or muscles are not lost but the body fat is lost quickly. The HCG diet makes you follow low calorie diet that allows you to start losing weights quickly. The HCG hormone shots help in reducing your appetite and also makes sure that your fats are getting burned and not your muscles. Many of the HCG diet reviews say that the method is very much effective but scientifically there is no proof that this method can really reduce your weight in the rapid manner as it is guaranteeing. This method of weight loss do not come in less cost, you need to spend a good amount of money for following HCG diet with its injections as well as oral. The expenses for adopting HCG diet may be more for the ones who are significantly obese.

Pros of HCG Diet

The HCG diet suggest that this methodology for weight loss can bring you benefits like
1. Weight loss without any effort
2. Rapid weight loss

Cons of HCG diet

The HCG diet as not a proven methodology by the scientific world, it is hard to adapt it just like that as you may not be able to predict the side effects caused by this method of weight loss. The common disadvantages associated with HCG are the following:
1. This methodology does not mention about exercise or any physical activity which can keep an individual healthy.
2. The calorie restriction suggested as per the HCG diet reviews are found lower than what is safe to be followed.
3. The side effects concerned with injecting HCG hormone regularly are unknown to the scientific world.
4. HCG injection can hide the emergence of cancerous cells in our body, which makes it difficult for diagnosing cancer.

Common Questions of Dieting Answered

Whenever people are starting a new diet they have some questions in their mind. Again, these questions might pop up in anyone’s head. So, we are here trying to answer some of the most common questions.

Is it really possible to lose 2 pounds per week?

Of course, it is possible and can be easily done. First you need to understand how many calories make a pound. It has been clearly stated and accepted fact that 3500 calories constitute of one pound. Therefore, if you were looking to lose 2 pounds then you need to lose 7000 claories. Now, that number of 7000 seems great. But since, we are losing it throughout the week, for seven days, we need to lose only 1000 calories per day.

Now, you can easily lose 300 calories through exercise. A low paced exercise done for 30 minutes helps in losing 300 calories easily. The rest of the 700 calorie can be lost by cutting down on your food. You do not have to write down the calorie of each meal or calculate and consume. All you have to do is cut down 1/4th of the portion that you would normally eat per day on every meal you consume. This way you can cut down 2 pounds per week.

Does Skipping Meals Help in Weight Loss?

Nope, this is just a myth. Let me tell, you why. When you skip your meal two things happen in your body:

  • Blood sugar levels drops. The blood sugar level is one of the many factors that determine hunger pangs. When it drops, your body is thrown into craving. And when you crave you tend to overeat. In fact while craving you cannot control your body and you will end up eating anything junk.
  • Secondly your body is thrown into famine situation. In ancient times, famine was common. And as you known fat are converted into energy and used by our body it was reserved. Therefore, when you start skipping of the meals your body assumes that there is a famine outside and starts conserving the stored fat which makes weight loss a bit tardy.

Therefore, considering the above two factors skipping meals is bad for weight loss.

Constipation is a Common Side Effect of Diet:

No, it is not at all. Constipation only occurs when you do not consume enough amount of fiber and fluids. Your body requires roughly 30 gms of fiber per day. And the best source of fiber is fruits. Moreover, you also need a good supply fo fluids so that the digestion process is eased and decreases constipation. If you follow these two rules, then you will never have constipation.

Is Protein Diet Good for Weight Loss?

No, protein diets are just another name of fad diets. They have some serious side effects. Your body needs only 1gram of protein per kilogram of your body weight. So, when you are consuming protein more than that then it gets stored as fat. Moreover, excess amount of protein can put a stress on liver and kidney.

Can I still Eat Out when I am on the Diet?

I don’t see why you can’t eat outside when on diet. Just adhere to these basic rules and ensure to maintain the calorie limit.

  • Opt for tandoori instead of grilled and fried
  • Opt for baked and roasted instead of fried.
  • Seasonings can done using mint or salsa instead of cheese
  • And you can opt for breads made out of wheat

Can Couples go on a Diet?

Most dieticians encourage couples to go on a diet. This encourages morale and keeps both on track. However, one crucial point to be noted is that men should consume more calories than women. An additional of 300 calories is necessary as the testosterone hormone is men needs to build more muscle mass.



Egg Whites and Weight Loss

Recent study shows that egg whites can help in weight loss. The reason? When a person consumes high amount of protein he or she has higher levels of satiating effects. In other terms, due to high protein consumption the calorie intake of a person is reduced drastically. For instance let us consider that you have consumed high protein levels. Soon you will have a full stomach and you will not crave for any food for longer periods. Consider the same for long term and you will have a drastic amount of weight loss.

Egg whites contain higher levels of proteins and very few amount of fats. Therefore, they are considered as the best weight loss supplement. Hence, in the end you will lose weight with egg whites.

Working out Daily or on Alternative Days

The great problem with losing weight is not with the technique but with the facts. To put in simple words there are many people calling them as experts and many calling them as self proclaimed guru. When I was trying to lose weight I purchased a book written by Gris Gethin who is the editor of IN his book he has written that the best way to build muscle and lose weight is to train on alternate days. the facts with which he had backed it up was great and logical. I was desperate to try out his methods.

However, I had to workout in a gym as I do not have the means to have my own personal gym. And the person who runs the gym said that I have to workout daily for atleast an hour. Now this was a total conflict of the above person. Both person are well researched in their own field. I did not wanted to offend the gym guy and therefore followed his method.

Two months passed. I was feeling more exhausted than ever which is the opposite of what you should feel while you are in gym. Hence, I decided to watch over to to the other style of working out on alternative days. Moreover, I even changed my diet so that the protein intake was higher and the total calorie intake was lesser than I burnt.

In the end of 3 months I could see my belly decreasing and having a tight body with me. However, I was also feeling great as now I had more rest than ever.

Obviously the conclusion is that you should workout only on alternate days. And when you are working out you should give your whole attention to that workout period. Push yourself hard as much as possible and take the other day as rest.

Lifestyle Changes are better than Diets

Let us consider that you are dieting and have lost weight. You are happy and get back to your old ways. Soon you realize that you have gained weight. To kill those weight you are back onto the diet after a year. This goes on like a cycle. But do you really want your life to go like a cycle. Why not try a permanent idea.

The only permanent idea for weight loss is changing your lifestyle which is way better than any diet in the whole world. DO some minor tweaks in your lifestyle and then you are ready to lose weight and keep them off permanently. These changes can be anything like eating only organic rich foods, avoid processed or junk foods. Eating only at home. Taking small portion and many other items like the above. You do not have do major changes. Minor as these can make a difference.

Losing weight with Exercise or HCG Diet

There is always some other way to do everything. For instance if you are looking to lose weight you can do it with dieting or with exercising. But since we are talking about HCG diet we will consider that HCG diet is common with all other form of diets.

So what is goona be. Dieting or Exercise?

Which way do you want? The easiest way or the hardest way. The easiest way will help in rapid weight loss in a shorter time span compared with the other. But it will also result in a loss of lean mass muscle. On the other hand there is the hard way which will keep you fit till the end of life and will even increase the lifetime and immunity.

The easiest way is diet and the hardest way is exercise.

Tap your Finger and Lose Weight

IN this world of obese people it is common to see many diets fad and work. Well, in fact only few of the diets work. However, we all know that there are literally thousands of fad diets that work.

One of the fad diets that has just arrived in the market is the finger tapping diet. The experts who invented this diet say that our body has several acupressure point which can be used to lose weight. And whenever you feel hungry or binge eating or emotional eating or any of those stuffs that can result in weight gain, you can tap your finger on those various points and start your weight loss campaign.

Moreover, you can even stop binge eating or any other habit that can eventually lead you to weight gain.

Two Glasses of Water A meal Keeps the Fat Away

I probably messed with the old maxim of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But I am happy to let you know on a fact that you can lose fat by just drinking a glass of warm water. 

Last week I fell ill and I was told by my doctor to drink only warm water. In an desperate attempt to stay healthy I followed my doctor’s advise and after 4 four days I was surprised to know my weight. I had lost almost 6 pounds. That is stunning amazing. First of all losing 6 pounds that easily is not easy at all. I  had tried some dieting before and had literally struggled to shed those extra pounds. But this time it was as easy as drinking warm water. 

Then I searched over the internet and found that warm water does actually help in weight loss. In fact there are are many other benefits of drinking warm water. First things first, you stay healthy. Your metabolism is increased with warm water. secondly, you do not get lethargic. It is like an instant boost to your system. 

I want to write many things that warm water can do but the time is short and I would like to conclude that warm water is good for health. 

3 Simple tips from BBC for Better Weight Loss

Weight-loss-tipsThe other day I was watching a documentary by BBC on weight Loss. Their idea was to approach weight loss from a scientific point of view and one that is simple and presentable to the layman. They provided not only three tips but more. However, I decided and chose only the best of them and one that matters most. Hence, the numbers have been cut down.

Metabolism does not Matter:

You must have heard the saying that in order to lose weight you need to increase your metabolism. Well, guess what you don;t have to. In a research between two buddies of different weight it was found that the one with higher weight did have higher metabolism but yet found it hard to lose weight. Later, it was noticed that the reason for the buddy leading to weight gain was that she was eating more calories. Hence, keep the income of calorie lower than outcome for weight loss.

Protein Keeps you Full for Long

In another research three people were given three types of food. The first was provided with high carbohydrate, the second with medium carb and the third with high in protein. After few hours all the three were allowed to snack. The one who consumed higher amount of protein snacked lower that the rest. This leads to the fact that protein helps to keep hunger away for a much longer time.

Solid Meal is better than Liquid:

The feeling of full is signaled to your brain only when your stomach stretches. And this stretching takes place when you have consumed food sufficient to stretch your stomach. If you are consuming something then it will pass off your stomach as quickly as possible signalling another hunger pang. Hence, it is advised to eat solid food most of the time.


Why some People Do Not Lose Weight Even After a Week?

We have been running this blog for years and a rare thing that we came to notice is that there are some people who do not lose weight even after a week of HCG diet. Now, the question is, is this really possible?

At first we were skeptic. But as the number of mail kept pouring in we were sure that this was a reality. And finally we jumped into our own minor independent non official research of this problem.

So why do some people do not lose weight?

The answer was not reachable at first to us and we thought it was a complex medical problem. However, later we did notice that the answer was simple. These few people who complained of not losing weight with hcg diet were a little bit different and most of them were men with belly fat.

Belly fat is among the most stubborn fat to lose weight. If you do not know the proper means of losing weight then you might get yourself into trouble.

With the hcg diet it can be tiresome. The reason is that hcg diet is meant for those who have at least a slighter higher level of metabolism. Of course you WILL lose weight later i.e. late results.

Tip to trick your body in losing weight:

The idea over here is that you quit any form of drink. Most people who did not lose weight were secretly consuming sweetened coffe. The hcg protocol clearly states that you should not consume fat in any form. That is something these men forgot.

The second thing is that they used to drink water as soon as they finished their meal. This will diluted the hcg inside your stomach and decrease the digestion and thereby bringing down the metabolism completely.

And finally, do not bathe as soon as you have your meal (I mean after every meal do not bathe). By bathing the temperature of your body is brought down and the metabolism is decreased further.