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One of the best hcg drops in the market

We have been writing about hcg drops for about a year. And we have come across loads of hcg merchants. However, not all of them are the samehCG1234_4bottles__36741_zoom and not all of them as effective as some of them are. But on some occasions there are some hcg merchants that are the best of the bets. The quality of the hcg hormone is superior and the effectiveness with which they lose weight is simply great.

So who is this merchant that I am talking about? They are called the hcg 1234 and have been in this business for over a decade. They have the greatest supplement in terms of the hcg drops.

What makes them so special?

First of all they are the most genuine of hcg merchants that you can find online. Secondly they have some great offers. For instance, they have a single bottle at the cost of just $59. And furthermore they have some other bottles at the cost of $120 and so on. I can guarantee you that you wil be amazed by the offers presented by HCG 1234.

How effective is the hcg hormone in terms of weight loss?

I am not sure in this term as this factor depends on the individual. But when I tried it personally I lost about 1.5 pounds of weight on average. Hence, I would say that the effectiveness of hcg 1234 is like 1.5 pounds per day. But this can be higher or lower depending upon the individual.

What are the other alternative for HCG 1234?

The other alternatives are HCG triump and HCG complex. These are the two other hcg merchants that can compete with HCG 1234 in terms of quality and service. However, when it comes to pricing factor the HCG complex beats all the other hcg merchants.

Whom do we recommend?

We recommend all the three hormones. We insist that you visit all the three websites and have a look for yourself. This will help you to understand the merchants better and who appeases you more personally.