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Youghurt might Help in your Weight loss Quest

Have you even wondered whether elements present in your kitchen can help in weight loss.  Yes, you are right. Today I am going to reveal something that you have never ever heard before in the weight loss industry. It is known as the yoghurt weight loss.

It is so easy that the weight loss industry does not want you to know about it.

By eating yoghurt everyday you are increasing the density of the bacteria in your gut. This bacteria helps in breaking down the food in your gut easily and fast. Moreover, you are entitles to an extra boost of appetite suppressant. Naturally what happens is that you r metabolism rate is increased in great numbers and you are losing weight automatically.

Interestingly, the weight loss industry has seen into this and they are coming up with a new type of weight loss diet known as probiotic shot. This is not approved by the FDA yet however, soon they will be in the market.

Lose weight by drinking water

Did you know that you can lose weight by drinking water? Are you surprised? Yes, most of you will. Because this is the easiest thing that you have ever learnt about weight loss. Weight loss does happen so easily, that is what you have led to believe. However, weight loss does can happen easily with just drinking water. Here is how:

  1. The most crucial thing is to drink a glass of water the first thing in the morning. It is most recommended that you drink the water after brushing teeth. If you drink before brushing the teeth this is not going to work as it should. I am not sure why. But drink water only after brushing your teeth daily.
  2. Consume a glass of clean water before every meal. This may not seem logical for weight loss but it is true that one can lose weight with drinking water before meal. Please not over here that I did mention to drink water before half an hour. Some people have the habit of drinking water immediately before a meal. Such practices can result in a contrary result of weight loss. Hence, I recommend, drinking water only before half an hour. Delay the time or increase the time further and you will have no result on weight loss.
  3. Finally, have the water before going to bed. I know most people won’t recommend it because it causes you to get up in the night as you get an urge to urinate. However, it is good practice as you get to detox your body at night. This is the time when your body is burning fat and trying to store excess as fat.

Lose weight by Losing Stress

There are many ways of losing weight. But have you considered losing weight by losing stress. I bet you haven’t. Actually, the majority of the reason why you are gaining weight is duet to increase in stress. When stress increases you have a decreased testosterone. With decreased testosterone your metabolism is low and your active life becomes dull. Secondly with increased stress the habit of binge eating and emotional eating takes part of your life. Finally, you have gained enough wait.

Therefore, the best bet is to lose stress. In this article we shall look into the way of losing stress.

Exercise daily:

The best way of combating stress is to exercise. Half an hour a day in the morning will give you the necessary boost which help you eventually to lose stress. Moreover, if you have the time then I recommend you to exercise in the morning as well as in the evening. Exercising does not has to be the same as working heavily with weights. A simple walk on the treadmill will do great benefits. And stretching will do even great wonders.

Have a pet:

Pets are great. Of course they need your time. But pets provide even greater benefits than you spend time with them. Hence we suggest that you have a pet. Anything will work. However, cats and dogs are best. If you do not have the time to spend with pets then buy fishes. A small aquarium is great because once you have setup then you do not have to worry about it later. Just feed them daily and watch over for a couple of minutes.

Eat Small Meals:

You do not have to eat three meals per day. This schedule was created by some maniac who did not had the time to eat. You can eat meals in fewer quantities in six meals or even eight meals. This will help to get the food digested completely and lose those unwanted stress within your body caused by heavy meals.

The dude Diet

It’s funny how experts come up with diets that are nothing but another fad diet. Sometimes they even come up with a diet which does not have even the slightest logic but just a proverb. And one such diet is the so called ‘dude diet.’ The author’s response to this si that the age old proverb Men lose weight faster has helped the diet.

Here are some of the things that the author advises women to change in order to lose weight:

Eat like men. He says that women should eat like men. When women consume lesser amounts of food their body gets the message that food is scarce in the environment and hence the body tends not to release the fats easily. So women instead of nibbling on their food should gobble them from now on 🙂

Eat more meats than veggies. The reason is that meat contains higher amount of vitamin b12 which is responsible for weight loss. the veggies on the other hand do not contain the vitamin B12. Hence, meat is preferred over vegetables.

Prefer beer when you want to drink. Alcohols contains higher calories. Apart from that they do not contain the satiating effect that is produced by beer.

reading the above post might seem more like a fun than diet. Those who feel like following can do so. But I do not recommend.