Common Questions of Dieting Answered

Whenever people are starting a new diet they have some questions in their mind. Again, these questions might pop up in anyone’s head. So, we are here trying to answer some of the most common questions.

Is it really possible to lose 2 pounds per week?

Of course, it is possible and can be easily done. First you need to understand how many calories make a pound. It has been clearly stated and accepted fact that 3500 calories constitute of one pound. Therefore, if you were looking to lose 2 pounds then you need to lose 7000 claories. Now, that number of 7000 seems great. But since, we are losing it throughout the week, for seven days, we need to lose only 1000 calories per day.

Now, you can easily lose 300 calories through exercise. A low paced exercise done for 30 minutes helps in losing 300 calories easily. The rest of the 700 calorie can be lost by cutting down on your food. You do not have to write down the calorie of each meal or calculate and consume. All you have to do is cut down 1/4th of the portion that you would normally eat per day on every meal you consume. This way you can cut down 2 pounds per week.

Does Skipping Meals Help in Weight Loss?

Nope, this is just a myth. Let me tell, you why. When you skip your meal two things happen in your body:

  • Blood sugar levels drops. The blood sugar level is one of the many factors that determine hunger pangs. When it drops, your body is thrown into craving. And when you crave you tend to overeat. In fact while craving you cannot control your body and you will end up eating anything junk.
  • Secondly your body is thrown into famine situation. In ancient times, famine was common. And as you known fat are converted into energy and used by our body it was reserved. Therefore, when you start skipping of the meals your body assumes that there is a famine outside and starts conserving the stored fat which makes weight loss a bit tardy.

Therefore, considering the above two factors skipping meals is bad for weight loss.

Constipation is a Common Side Effect of Diet:

No, it is not at all. Constipation only occurs when you do not consume enough amount of fiber and fluids. Your body requires roughly 30 gms of fiber per day. And the best source of fiber is fruits. Moreover, you also need a good supply fo fluids so that the digestion process is eased and decreases constipation. If you follow these two rules, then you will never have constipation.

Is Protein Diet Good for Weight Loss?

No, protein diets are just another name of fad diets. They have some serious side effects. Your body needs only 1gram of protein per kilogram of your body weight. So, when you are consuming protein more than that then it gets stored as fat. Moreover, excess amount of protein can put a stress on liver and kidney.

Can I still Eat Out when I am on the Diet?

I don’t see why you can’t eat outside when on diet. Just adhere to these basic rules and ensure to maintain the calorie limit.

  • Opt for tandoori instead of grilled and fried
  • Opt for baked and roasted instead of fried.
  • Seasonings can done using mint or salsa instead of cheese
  • And you can opt for breads made out of wheat

Can Couples go on a Diet?

Most dieticians encourage couples to go on a diet. This encourages morale and keeps both on track. However, one crucial point to be noted is that men should consume more calories than women. An additional of 300 calories is necessary as the testosterone hormone is men needs to build more muscle mass.



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