Details about Phase 1

The phase one of hcg diet is also known as the loading phase. This phase lasts for the first three days of the hCG diet. This is the most important of all the phases because if you do this correct then you are bound to lose more weight than you thought was possible.

A little Introduction about Phase one:

Phase one of HCG diet is the period in which you will eat high carb and high protein foods for three days. This is done to ensure that the hypothalamus is triggered. In case you are unaware about the function of hypothalamus then it is an organ that regulates your hunger system apart from many other main functions.

So practically when you consume a meal, the energy that is required is used up while the rest is stored as fat by the hypothalamus. Hence, a person who does not have much of an active life or who consumes more calories than he gets to spend will have fat sotred away in his system. During the loading phase all the fat stored throughout the year in the past is released. Now since you are also taking the HCG hormone either in the form of injections or drops your body will not store the excess fat. The excess fat will be used to convert into energy in the second and third phase.

Therefore, the phase one of hcg diet might not appear important. But if you do not follow the protocol correctly you might end up losing weight lesser than you should have.


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