Egg Whites and Weight Loss

Recent study shows that egg whites can help in weight loss. The reason? When a person consumes high amount of protein he or she has higher levels of satiating effects. In other terms, due to high protein consumption the calorie intake of a person is reduced drastically. For instance let us consider that you have consumed high protein levels. Soon you will have a full stomach and you will not crave for any food for longer periods. Consider the same for long term and you will have a drastic amount of weight loss.

Egg whites contain higher levels of proteins and very few amount of fats. Therefore, they are considered as the best weight loss supplement. Hence, in the end you will lose weight with egg whites.

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Richie Richardson

Richie Richardson Google has been using HCG hormone for his personal weight loss program and shares them over here as means of keeping journal and to help others.

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