We all know hat HCG diet is one of the lowest calorie diet. However, what most us do not know is the fact that the low calorie diet works only with the real HCG hormone drops. For instance, If you are looking to purchase only the 500 calorie dieting system then losing weight is impossible (you will lose weight for the first two weeks and after that your body will get accustomed to 500 calorie). Moreover, if you are trying to get hold of only HCG drops and not the diet then again losing weight is out of the question.

Therefore the best strategy is to use both the HCG drops and HCG 500 calorie diet to lose significant amount of weight.

There are many companies selling HCG hormones and many others that sell the diet book. Only few handful of sellers do provide both of them in a bundle.

When I was looking to start dieting I was looking for a bundle that would provide the book for free with the HCG drops. Interesting I found one at Official HCG. They have various diet plans spanning from 15 days to 90 days. I chose the one with 45 days and they gave me the HCG 500 calorie book as bonus. In fact I have seen from their site that they give the book free on every bottle. Therefore, you can choose any plan and get the book for free (this will save few bucks when )

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Richie Richardson

Richie Richardson Google has been using HCG hormone for his personal weight loss program and shares them over here as means of keeping journal and to help others.

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