List of HCG Diet Drops Sellers Online

HCG diet drops can be purchased from anywhere you want. However, there are some important points that you should take into consideration while purchasing the HCG hormone drops. The obvious reason is that you might get stuck purchasing an illegal supplement which apart from wasting your hard earned money may also result in some serious side effects.

List of Top Rated HCG Retailers

Here are important points that you should take into consideration

  1. The seller should have an approval from the FDA. This might sound extravagant. However, the truth is that most sellers do not have the approval from FDA. Hence, please look for a certificate from the FDA that shows the approval. Most online sellers will have a scanned copy of the approval posted over their website.
  2. The hormone should be produced and manufactured within United States. Since the cost of production and manufacturing in the States is higher most outsource it to third world countries. This importing of Hormone is considered as illegal according to the FDA. Therefore, look for a seller who has manufactured within the United States.
  3. The lab in which the hormone is produced should be accompanied by a certification of approval. This approval states that the hormone manufactured in such a lab is of high quality and meets the FDA standards on medication.
  4. Finally, look for merchants who have well established themselves. For instance the merchant selling the product should be in the business for more than five years and should have majority of positive reviews.

List of Top Rated HCG Retailers

The above was just the information you needed to purchase HCG drops. Now we are going to look into some other basics that will necessary get your attentions.

Does this HCG diet really work?

Let me ask you a simple question. If this diet didn’t work at all how come you came to know about it and are reading about it. If anything within the market does not work it will hardly stand the test of time. The HCG diet has stood the test of time for long years and will continue to stand as people are very much interested in it. What I am trying to say is that the HCG diet has real testimonials and do not require marketing from any agency or media. It is purely through word of mouth that people are purchasing the product.

How much weight can one lose with HCG diet?

To say that you will lose weight in such and such amount then that would be a lie. There is no said figure through which you will lose that weight. However, on average and according to the status officially, it has been noted that an average person can lose anywhere between one to three pounds a day. For some that will be significant and for some this number can be low.

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