Overview of HCG Diet

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet is a kind of diet which is much restrictive and allows only 500 calories per day. This diet also includes daily HCG hormone injection or oral HCG drops. This diet system implements low calorie food for losing weight within a limited time period. The major advantage offered by this system is to lose weight rapidly without putting much effort.

overview of hcg diet

HCG is a hormone that is found inside the human body. HCG can be found in urine at the time of pregnancy. This hormone is produced by certain tumors and also by the pituitary glands. The HCG hormone has the ability to mobilize the fat stores for bringing energy to baby that is growing inside uterus. This hormone is gonadotropic as it is helpful in prompting the genital development. HCG is used also for the treatment of fertility.

Working of HCG Diet

The basic idea behind the implementation of HCG diet is that it helpful in making your body access the stores of fats easily as well as very fast compared to the normal cases. Most of the HCG diet reviews have great revelations regarding how fast the aim of weight losing could be accomplished. HCG diet reviews also states that by following this methodology of losing weight, the mass of bones or muscles are not lost but the body fat is lost quickly. The HCG diet makes you follow low calorie diet that allows you to start losing weights quickly. The HCG hormone shots help in reducing your appetite and also makes sure that your fats are getting burned and not your muscles. Many of the HCG diet reviews say that the method is very much effective but scientifically there is no proof that this method can really reduce your weight in the rapid manner as it is guaranteeing. This method of weight loss do not come in less cost, you need to spend a good amount of money for following HCG diet with its injections as well as oral. The expenses for adopting HCG diet may be more for the ones who are significantly obese.

Pros of HCG Diet

The HCG diet suggest that this methodology for weight loss can bring you benefits like
1. Weight loss without any effort
2. Rapid weight loss

Cons of HCG diet

The HCG diet as not a proven methodology by the scientific world, it is hard to adapt it just like that as you may not be able to predict the side effects caused by this method of weight loss. The common disadvantages associated with HCG are the following:
1. This methodology does not mention about exercise or any physical activity which can keep an individual healthy.
2. The calorie restriction suggested as per the HCG diet reviews are found lower than what is safe to be followed.
3. The side effects concerned with injecting HCG hormone regularly are unknown to the scientific world.
4. HCG injection can hide the emergence of cancerous cells in our body, which makes it difficult for diagnosing cancer.

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