Connection between Metabolism and Weight Loss

Lot of experts claim that a person loses weight when metabolism of the system increases. I, on the other hand, bed to differ. This is a claim which has no scientific evidence. In a recent documentary shot by BBC, they have uncovered a fact that increased metabolism does not necessary mean increased weight loss.

What is metabolism?

This explanation is for those who have forgotten heir biology classes. Metabolism is the measure of the body’s ability to burn fat or calories. Therefore, if a person’s body burns more calorie then eventually that person has an increased metabolism.

What exactly happens when metabolism is increased?

This is a layman explanation of metabolism. Our digestive system has an army of bacteria which aids us in digestion along with the HCL. These army of bacteria are helpful to us as they digest the consumed food and breakdown into nutrients that are absorbed by the body. Therefore, technically, what happens is a person has increased metabolism is that the bacteria tend to digest food faster than normal. In the end you will have no food left. If there is no food left then arises no possibility of the body to store fat. Furthermore, since all of the calorie is used up from the consumed food you will have to use up your stored fat which is then converted as energy. Hence, a person with increased metabolism has to lose weight eventually.

Unfortunately, that is not the whole case:

We are missing a bid picture here. All the above information are correct. However, we have not accounted for the hunger that gets aroused when the food within our system is digested. When a person’s system has digested the consumed food then a hunger pang arises which needs to be taken care. There are two options. One is to consume more food therefore no weight loss can take place and the other option is to take a hunger suppressant medication which rules out the fact that metabolism is responsible for weight loss.

So in the end metabolism does not aid in weight loss naturally. Hence, the next time you hear someone put for this question provide this explanation.

Lose weight by Losing Stress

There are many ways of losing weight. But have you considered losing weight by losing stress. I bet you haven’t. Actually, the majority of the reason why you are gaining weight is duet to increase in stress. When stress increases you have a decreased testosterone. With decreased testosterone your metabolism is low and your active life becomes dull. Secondly with increased stress the habit of binge eating and emotional eating takes part of your life. Finally, you have gained enough wait.

Therefore, the best bet is to lose stress. In this article we shall look into the way of losing stress.

Exercise daily:

The best way of combating stress is to exercise. Half an hour a day in the morning will give you the necessary boost which help you eventually to lose stress. Moreover, if you have the time then I recommend you to exercise in the morning as well as in the evening. Exercising does not has to be the same as working heavily with weights. A simple walk on the treadmill will do great benefits. And stretching will do even great wonders.

Have a pet:

Pets are great. Of course they need your time. But pets provide even greater benefits than you spend time with them. Hence we suggest that you have a pet. Anything will work. However, cats and dogs are best. If you do not have the time to spend with pets then buy fishes. A small aquarium is great because once you have setup then you do not have to worry about it later. Just feed them daily and watch over for a couple of minutes.

Eat Small Meals:

You do not have to eat three meals per day. This schedule was created by some maniac who did not had the time to eat. You can eat meals in fewer quantities in six meals or even eight meals. This will help to get the food digested completely and lose those unwanted stress within your body caused by heavy meals.

Working out Daily or on Alternative Days

The great problem with losing weight is not with the technique but with the facts. To put in simple words there are many people calling them as experts and many calling them as self proclaimed guru. When I was trying to lose weight I purchased a book written by Gris Gethin who is the editor of IN his book he has written that the best way to build muscle and lose weight is to train on alternate days. the facts with which he had backed it up was great and logical. I was desperate to try out his methods.

However, I had to workout in a gym as I do not have the means to have my own personal gym. And the person who runs the gym said that I have to workout daily for atleast an hour. Now this was a total conflict of the above person. Both person are well researched in their own field. I did not wanted to offend the gym guy and therefore followed his method.

Two months passed. I was feeling more exhausted than ever which is the opposite of what you should feel while you are in gym. Hence, I decided to watch over to to the other style of working out on alternative days. Moreover, I even changed my diet so that the protein intake was higher and the total calorie intake was lesser than I burnt.

In the end of 3 months I could see my belly decreasing and having a tight body with me. However, I was also feeling great as now I had more rest than ever.

Obviously the conclusion is that you should workout only on alternate days. And when you are working out you should give your whole attention to that workout period. Push yourself hard as much as possible and take the other day as rest.

The dude Diet

It’s funny how experts come up with diets that are nothing but another fad diet. Sometimes they even come up with a diet which does not have even the slightest logic but just a proverb. And one such diet is the so called ‘dude diet.’ The author’s response to this si that the age old proverb Men lose weight faster has helped the diet.

Here are some of the things that the author advises women to change in order to lose weight:

Eat like men. He says that women should eat like men. When women consume lesser amounts of food their body gets the message that food is scarce in the environment and hence the body tends not to release the fats easily. So women instead of nibbling on their food should gobble them from now on 🙂

Eat more meats than veggies. The reason is that meat contains higher amount of vitamin b12 which is responsible for weight loss. the veggies on the other hand do not contain the vitamin B12. Hence, meat is preferred over vegetables.

Prefer beer when you want to drink. Alcohols contains higher calories. Apart from that they do not contain the satiating effect that is produced by beer.

reading the above post might seem more like a fun than diet. Those who feel like following can do so. But I do not recommend.

Lifestyle Changes are better than Diets

Let us consider that you are dieting and have lost weight. You are happy and get back to your old ways. Soon you realize that you have gained weight. To kill those weight you are back onto the diet after a year. This goes on like a cycle. But do you really want your life to go like a cycle. Why not try a permanent idea.

The only permanent idea for weight loss is changing your lifestyle which is way better than any diet in the whole world. DO some minor tweaks in your lifestyle and then you are ready to lose weight and keep them off permanently. These changes can be anything like eating only organic rich foods, avoid processed or junk foods. Eating only at home. Taking small portion and many other items like the above. You do not have do major changes. Minor as these can make a difference.

Losing weight with Exercise or HCG Diet

There is always some other way to do everything. For instance if you are looking to lose weight you can do it with dieting or with exercising. But since we are talking about HCG diet we will consider that HCG diet is common with all other form of diets.

So what is goona be. Dieting or Exercise?

Which way do you want? The easiest way or the hardest way. The easiest way will help in rapid weight loss in a shorter time span compared with the other. But it will also result in a loss of lean mass muscle. On the other hand there is the hard way which will keep you fit till the end of life and will even increase the lifetime and immunity.

The easiest way is diet and the hardest way is exercise.

Tap your Finger and Lose Weight

IN this world of obese people it is common to see many diets fad and work. Well, in fact only few of the diets work. However, we all know that there are literally thousands of fad diets that work.

One of the fad diets that has just arrived in the market is the finger tapping diet. The experts who invented this diet say that our body has several acupressure point which can be used to lose weight. And whenever you feel hungry or binge eating or emotional eating or any of those stuffs that can result in weight gain, you can tap your finger on those various points and start your weight loss campaign.

Moreover, you can even stop binge eating or any other habit that can eventually lead you to weight gain.

Two Glasses of Water A meal Keeps the Fat Away

I probably messed with the old maxim of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But I am happy to let you know on a fact that you can lose fat by just drinking a glass of warm water. 

Last week I fell ill and I was told by my doctor to drink only warm water. In an desperate attempt to stay healthy I followed my doctor’s advise and after 4 four days I was surprised to know my weight. I had lost almost 6 pounds. That is stunning amazing. First of all losing 6 pounds that easily is not easy at all. I  had tried some dieting before and had literally struggled to shed those extra pounds. But this time it was as easy as drinking warm water. 

Then I searched over the internet and found that warm water does actually help in weight loss. In fact there are are many other benefits of drinking warm water. First things first, you stay healthy. Your metabolism is increased with warm water. secondly, you do not get lethargic. It is like an instant boost to your system. 

I want to write many things that warm water can do but the time is short and I would like to conclude that warm water is good for health. 

Benefits of Panax Quinquefolium or American Gingseng

In some of the HCG products there are some other form of hormones diluted with it to enhance the effectiveness of hcg drops and to increase weight loss. One such hormone is the Panax quinquefolium. It is also known as the American Gingseng.

It is a plant which is native to North America. However, it is now being cultivated in China. The main reason being that it is used in chinese medicine.

In olden days the Plant was used to treat Flu symptoms. For instance, it has been known to reduce the intensity as well as the duration of the cold when taken regularly. If the plant is consumed before flu it is proved that one can reduce the flu.

Interestingly it is also known for some other uses and one being that it provides energy. When you are on the HCG diet you will be low on carbs and obviously low on calories. And therefore this hormone is added to give you that extra boost in energy.

What does HCG diet has in Special

Ever wondered why the HCG diet is so special than other forms of diet? If you have wondered so then you will definitely accept the fact that there is something special with HCG Diet that other common diets do not have.

In this article we are going to look at those special points of HCG diet.

No HeadAches:

One of the common side effects with any form of diet is that they get headaches. But HCG boasts itself as it does not have any side effects. Although there are some cases in which people have complained that they did get some headaches which vanishes away in few hours. However, most of the people do not get headaches.

No Hunger pangs

We all have heard stories of how one starts on a diet loses some weight and then ends up gobbling food as he is unable to control the hunger pangs. Fortunately with HCG diet you will never get hunger pangs. Yes, I know that the hcg hormone is a low calorie diet but then again if everything is accordingly then you will never get hunger pangs.