Finding Genuine Review Online

finding a genuine review online is tough. Of course, we have some review of our own but we would like to give you independent information so that you do not have to depend only on our reviews. You can find any other review over the internet and choose the product mentioned in it.

Here are some tips to find the best review online (legit ones)

They should have an unbiased review. Everyone can write a review but did you know that companies pay people to write a review of their own and one which is biased. You might not know which company pays whom but while reading the review you will get a clear idea as to which is the best. An unbiased review always has some negative in it. If the review that you are reading has everything positive then you should beware of it.

Ingredients should be mentioned within the review. All hcg products has some sort of ingredients mixed in it. Therefore it is necessary that you find the ingredients of the hcg products. Moreover, the lab used to manufacture the product should be approved by the FDA.

Finally about the extraction process. The extraction process should be approved by the FDA. There are many extraction process and only one is approved by the FDA. Hence, the FDA approval should be there for the extraction process.

About HCG diet and FDA Approval:

We have been receiving emails from many of our readers stating that whether it is illegal to purchase to hcg drops or injections.

The answer is a bit confusing. First of all I need to tell you something about the views of FDA.

The FDA stands for food and Drug Association. It is an entity that controls the quality of food and drugs within America. When HCG diet came into market the FDA was very keen to know whether it really worked. They did their own experiment and found that the HCG had not affect on weight loss. Hence, It was deemed by the FDA that hcg is not meant to be as a treatment for weight loss.

However, the hcg hormone is used in many other illness and treatment which are approved by the FDA. Therefore, one cannot sell the hcg hormone for weight loss but can for other treatments.

However, people have found that when the hormone is used in conjunction to the hcg diet protocol one can lose weight significantly. There are many real testimonials for the same and it is by the word of mouth that the hormone is selling today. So, now you know the truth. And buying the hcg hormone after knowing the truth does not gets you into any criminal prosecution. 

3 Simple tips from BBC for Better Weight Loss

Weight-loss-tipsThe other day I was watching a documentary by BBC on weight Loss. Their idea was to approach weight loss from a scientific point of view and one that is simple and presentable to the layman. They provided not only three tips but more. However, I decided and chose only the best of them and one that matters most. Hence, the numbers have been cut down.

Metabolism does not Matter:

You must have heard the saying that in order to lose weight you need to increase your metabolism. Well, guess what you don;t have to. In a research between two buddies of different weight it was found that the one with higher weight did have higher metabolism but yet found it hard to lose weight. Later, it was noticed that the reason for the buddy leading to weight gain was that she was eating more calories. Hence, keep the income of calorie lower than outcome for weight loss.

Protein Keeps you Full for Long

In another research three people were given three types of food. The first was provided with high carbohydrate, the second with medium carb and the third with high in protein. After few hours all the three were allowed to snack. The one who consumed higher amount of protein snacked lower that the rest. This leads to the fact that protein helps to keep hunger away for a much longer time.

Solid Meal is better than Liquid:

The feeling of full is signaled to your brain only when your stomach stretches. And this stretching takes place when you have consumed food sufficient to stretch your stomach. If you are consuming something then it will pass off your stomach as quickly as possible signalling another hunger pang. Hence, it is advised to eat solid food most of the time.


How to Maintain the weight After HCG Diet

there is one question tha baffles most of us. The question is whether it is possible to maintain the lost weight after stopping the diet, obviously you cannot be on the hcg diet your whole life, and if there is a way then how is it done.

Though the answer is not simple I am going to let you on a secret. The secret is that you should increase you physical activity and decrease the food consumption. this is one way to lost those extra calories that you had been consuming all these years. Sounds easy right but it is not so. You need to increase the physical activity according to your body and that is all.

Add Food to your diet for Weight Loss

Most of you will be taken aback by the title of this blog post. Obviously this title is something that you would have never heard about.

Let me tell some interesting thing, you do not have to cut on your foods to lose weight. In fact such sort of diets will never work. You can still lose weight by adding foods into your diet. And the most interesting thing is that you can use this technique and combine with the hcg diet for further and more weight loss in a shorter time period.

How does it work?

Now, here is the truth. By addition of foods I do not mean to add high calorie foods. By addition I mean those foods which are also known as fruits. Add lots of fruits into your diet and you will be surprised to find that you are still losing weight even after increasing the intake of food.

Try it out and let us know about it.

My Skin Has Become Flabby After Losing Few Pounds. What Should I do?

Another common question that I receive from my hcg readers is that their skin has turned flabby after losing few pounds of weight. Most of them sound afraid while some others are just curious to know what is next.

To answer the above question I need to explain how the skin (largest organ in the human body) works.

Consider that you are a fit person with limited quantities of fat stored in your body. Your skin is hard tight. However, later in your life you have received a sedentary job and this job demands that you use your brain instead of your body. Now, your physical activities are minimised. This leads to weight gain. As you start gaining weight your skin adjusts itself to the increase in body’s size. After few years, your skin grows to cover your inner organs safely (if not then your skin would stretch and tear).

After years of growing your body in weight and size you have decided to lose weight. You get hold of a diet program which is faster in weight loss ( like HCG diet). And start losing weight significantly. The weight that you have gained in years start getting lost in weeks. In other words you are losing weight faster than you had gained them.

Hence, the skin has a hard time, or your body is unable to adjust itself to the lower body shape in a short span.

But as you keep on maintaining the lost weight you will soon notice your skin has once again adjusted itself and is sharp and tight.

Why some People Do Not Lose Weight Even After a Week?

We have been running this blog for years and a rare thing that we came to notice is that there are some people who do not lose weight even after a week of HCG diet. Now, the question is, is this really possible?

At first we were skeptic. But as the number of mail kept pouring in we were sure that this was a reality. And finally we jumped into our own minor independent non official research of this problem.

So why do some people do not lose weight?

The answer was not reachable at first to us and we thought it was a complex medical problem. However, later we did notice that the answer was simple. These few people who complained of not losing weight with hcg diet were a little bit different and most of them were men with belly fat.

Belly fat is among the most stubborn fat to lose weight. If you do not know the proper means of losing weight then you might get yourself into trouble.

With the hcg diet it can be tiresome. The reason is that hcg diet is meant for those who have at least a slighter higher level of metabolism. Of course you WILL lose weight later i.e. late results.

Tip to trick your body in losing weight:

The idea over here is that you quit any form of drink. Most people who did not lose weight were secretly consuming sweetened coffe. The hcg protocol clearly states that you should not consume fat in any form. That is something these men forgot.

The second thing is that they used to drink water as soon as they finished their meal. This will diluted the hcg inside your stomach and decrease the digestion and thereby bringing down the metabolism completely.

And finally, do not bathe as soon as you have your meal (I mean after every meal do not bathe). By bathing the temperature of your body is brought down and the metabolism is decreased further.


HCG diet and alcohol consumption.

IF you are an alcoholic then you will find it difficult to stick with the hcg diet. This is because with the hcg diet you are not supposed to drink even in minute amount.

But if you do want to lose weight with hcg diet then you can consume only one unit per day for three days in a week. Hence, this can be considered as a safe limit for hcg diet for alcohol consumption.

On the other we recommend that you consume large quantities of water after consuming alcohol. This will wash the toxins and help your liver clear away the toxins.

In short, avoid drinking while on hcg diet. If not then follow the above mentioned amount.

Combining Low Sodium Diet with HCG Diet

If you have been using the HCG diet then have you ever wondered as to how will be the effects of combining this powerful diet with yet another powerful diet? Sounds Interesting right? Yes, we have today some interesting news that will give that extra boost to your hcg diet and help in losing weight further.

What is Being Combined with HCG Diet?

The diet that is being combined with the hcg diet is called as Low Sodium Diet. This diet is as popular as HCG. Unfortunately, not much is spoken about it.

What is low sodium diet?

This is the most simplest form of diet. In this diet the calorie consumed not taken into account (although sometime it is). What is taken into account is the amount of sodium consumed by a person. In other the amount of salt that you consume is all the diet speaks about.

How do you combine Low Sodium Diet with HCG?

No Rocket Science is required. First of all use the hcg diet protocol as your basic diet system to choose the type of food that you will consume. Secondly in the foods cut down the amount of salt to a 3/4 of regularly consumed amount. And stick to it for a month.

What happens next?

Next you are asked to stick to the regime. Soon in a week you will notice weight loss more than the usual amount with the hcg diet. Hence, in the end you will find that combining such a low sodium diet with hcg diet is the best thing you can do and get the most out of it. It is as simple as it sounds.

Are there any side effects?

Yes, it is a little bit dangerous with low sodium diet. If the sodium level of your body falls below its usual level then you might get common side effects like nausea and dizziness. This is the reason why I asked you to stick to the sodium consumption of 3/4th of the regular amount. And it is a safe measure.

Legality of HCG Prescription

Some people around must have told you that hcg is a fad diet and it does not work. While other must have told you that the prescription of hcg hormone is completely illegal and if you have one under your roof then you are subjected to criminal offences. This is not true. In fact it is partially true.

What is the Truth then?

The truth is completely different from what you have heard. First you need to know that FDA does not approve hcg as a weight loss drug. Hence, is someone or some doctor prescribes you hcg to lose weight then that is illegal. However, if you are buying hcg hormone even after the fact hcg is not a weight loss drug then you have no trouble in using it.

In short the merchant, who is selling the drug will be in trouble and not the buyer (you). Hence, you do not have to worry about buying the hcg hormone as you will not be put into trouble.