How Fast Will HCG Drops Take Effect

A Lady goes to store and she is wondering looking at a facial cream ‘How soon will it make me fair?’. Don’t you think it is a common situation. Men wonder the same regarding the product. In the end we are looking for the time or period in which the product will take effect. The sooner the time frame the better will be the product.

But no that is not the case with HCG drops. They are not like your other fairness creams. The hcg hormone works by increasing the metabolism of the body and by increasing stored fat consumption. And this depends on the individual’s past, lifestyle.

If we consider a person who has poor eating habits and has accumulated several pounds of fat then hcg drops need time. At the same time if we consider an individual who has a nutitious lifestyle and needs only to lose those extra pounds will have a better and faster results.

Does that mean fatter people will not lose weight? Nope. That is not the answer. What we are trying to say is that fatter people will lose weight but on a longer time frame. And with constant use of hcg hormone they can decrease the period of weight loss and turn that to be instant weight loss.

Stay away from Cheap Priced HCG Drops

This post is more of a warning than for educational purpose. Today morning I was collecting some information on hcg hormone while I came across a site that was selling at a dead cheap rate of $13. Now, who will sell hcg hormone at such low prices. After some research I found that it was selling cheap as the expiry date was passed.

Why they sell it?

Business people are more conscious about their profit margin than your health. They want the most out of every product. If a product is expired then it should be trashed. However, if they come with an idea similar to heavy discounts and they sell it at dead cheap rate then people are surely going to buy. Although their profit margins are low in such cases they are enough to cover the product’s expenses which does not put them into loss.

How to avoid such products?

Ensure that you are buying a hcg hormone which is reasonably priced. If you are purchasing the cheap hormones offline then ensure that the expiry date has still one month to go. In some cases the date can be tampered hence, look for some signs of tampering and if you are suspicious about it then do not buy. And if you are purchasing online then I suggest to avoid altogether because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Can I Switch from Homeopathic to Real HCG?

Yes you can at any time change from howmeopathic to Real HCG. In fact we recommend strongly to our readers that they choose hcg drops that are real and not opt for a homeopathic unless they find that they are allergic to homeopathic drops.

If you are looking to sway then you have to do it just right away. Order your new hcg bottle and start from the day one with the new hcg diet. Some recommend that you can start with the day where you have left with the homeopathic hormone drop.

That is not how it is done because you have been following an entirely different type of dieting system with the homeopathic drop and in this case the hcg diet is sort of complete waste of time and money.

Hence we suggest that you start anew with the real hcg drop.

Managing with the HCG Protocol

We all know that the hcg diet is low in calorie and we also know that it is a little hard to stick with the diet. The reason, is obvious because of the low calorie count. But we also know that countless people have tried it and lost several pounds of weight. Hence, it is doable but needs time and determination.

Here are some great tips to make the hcg diet doable and to lose weight effectively.

Get out of the idea that you are still living in your old world in which you can eat anything you want. And get the idea within your head that you will have to eat only those foods that are mentioned in the HCG protocol.

Get rid of all the fatty foods in your home. This is to ensure that you do not take a instant bite of it when you start to crave.

There is an interesting fact about craving. If you can hold your cravings for just 5 minutes then it will vanish of your own. Hence, the next time you start craving form some food items that are prohibited by the protocol then control yourself for just 5 minutes and you will be surprised that your cravings are no longer present.

Take little bites of everything that you eat. In other word nibble on your food like a squirrel. This increases your consumption time and there is enough time for the satiation signal to reach your brain.

Finally, drink lemon juice in warm water every morning on empty stomach as it aids digestion.

HCG Complex Review

We have been reviewing most of the best HCG merchants. And it is time to review one of the best in the field and they are known as the HCG Complex merchants. The merchant is also known for its quality and excellent customer service.

Quality of HCG complex:

The quality is impeccable and top in the industry. It contains the real hcg drops that are medically approved by the FDA. Hence, you can buy from them without any fear.

Price of the Product:

If you do a little search you will notice that the average price of hcg drops in the industry is around $70 to $80 and in some cases the price goes as high as $100.

Their best product:

Every seller in every niche has a product that sells like fire. In this case the product that sells like fire is their single bottle of hcg drops. In a single day the supplier ships more than 1000 bottles of HCG across the United States.

Bonus Offer:

Presently they are running a offer of Buy ONe and Get One. If you purchase a single bottle of HCG Drops from this supplier you will get another bottle absolutely free. Literally, you are getting two bottles at the cost of one i.e just $59

Jump to HCG Complex site.

Menstrual Cycle and the HCG Diet

In this article we shall focus on the effects of hcg hormone on women during her menstruation days. This article is not comprehensive in nature and therefore should not be considered as alternative to medical advise. It is just a gist of how the hormone produced during menstrual cycle effects the hcg.

The thing that you need to know most important of all is the fact that certain hormones are released during your menstrual cycles. These hormone come into direct effect with hcg hormone. Not that there are nay side effects but these hormones make you system immune to the effects of hcg in the long run. Therefore, if you continue to take hcg drops while on the hcg diet you will be unable to lose weight with the help of the hormone.

Hence, you are not supposed to take the hcg hormone drops while on the period days.

However, you should stick to the hcg diet protocol. This will ensure that you do not go astray with the old eating habits.

After the period days has ended you can then resume the hcg hormone drops without any trouble.


Expiry Date of HCG Drops

Are you wondering about as to what is the expiry date of hcg drops? iF yes, then we have the right answer that you should know.

First of all, make sure that the hcg bottle that you have purchased has brown colored glass. This is to make sure that bottle which is colored filters the sunlight and inhibits the growth of bacteria within the bottle.

Now that you have purchased a bottle with colored glass, you should note whether the hcg hormone was prepared within a FDA certified lab. Yes, this is very important. Because, only hcg hormones that are prepared in these labs have a larger shelf life.

If you have cleared and ensured that is manufactured within the lab then you should have a shelf life of more than 2 years. But on average we would give a hcg drop a shelf life of no longer than one and half years.


Reviewing HCG Triumph

There are several hcg drops merchants out there. However, only few of them are best of the bests. Only these few merchants sell real and authentic hcg drops. Moreover, we have been receiving mails from our readers asking as to which is the best merchant when it comes to hcg drops that are real.

In this post we would like to start reviewing one of the most important and popular merchant of hcg drops known as HCG triumph.

HCG triumph is one of those few merchants that are selling hcg drops right from the beginning when hcg drops were popular in the market. In short they can be said as pioneers of hcg drops. Apart from being a pioneer they have some cool technologies that other merchants do not have. Hence they can be said as one of those few merchants that have the highest possible grade of hcg drops that are sold in the United States.

They have two kinds of hcg drops. The first is the kind that is pure in form and sold commonly. The second type does not contain the hormone and hence is known as hormone free drops. This type of hormone free was prepared for people those who are pregnant or are around their menopause. Moreover, it was found that some people are allergic to the hormone and hence, the rise of hormone free drops.


The HCG Diet for Vegetarians

We are getting frequent mails from people who follow the vegetarian diet asking as to how they can follow the hcg diet
as it requires consumption of red meat in the form of protein and fatty substances.

But vegetarins need not worry as we have a suggestion for them. That is to consume vegetarian foods that contains huge amount of proteins.
Here are some foods that are a great and act as a source of protein and alternatives for red meat.

These are great source for protein and contain in large quantities. You can conskume them raw or in cooked form depending
upon your choice.

Green Beans:
This is another vegetable that is a protein house. Add them in your food daily and you will have a large supply of protein.

Egg whhites:
Most vegetarins consume egg and if you are one of those then you are good to consume the egg whites as they are fully protein.

This is native to Asia, especially India and contain protein. indians use it to prepare a gravy that is rich in protein.
Hence, if you are able to get you hands on this item then consume it regularly to keep up the protein intake.

Just use the above foods to get your proteins and swap them with the red meat which will suit your HCG diet.

HCG Injections vs Sublingual Drops

This is a personal story of mine. No promotion of any brand that I know of. I am writing this post because I want to provide a unique information to my readers and hence I am sharing this for the first time.

HCG Injections vs Sublingual Drops:

I will confess that I am a fan of hcg drops and I hat injections for two reasons. The first being the fact that hcg drops are expensive and the second injecting myself without any medical knowledge makes my heart skip a beat. Hence, I always wanted to lean on the droppy side.

However, this time everything was different. I wanted to try a prescription HCG injections. Upon visiting our nearest clinic I was refused to be prescribed the HCG injections. The doctor called it a cock and bull story. But later I searched for reputed doctors who were in the HCG business and found one a little longer from my home.

The next day I visited the doctor and I was prescribed the injections. Moreover, he also assured that it was safe to use the injection myself which was a great relief to me.

Another interesting thing about the injections is that you have to inject and forget about.

Now, I will fast forward the story to 50 days later. I lost 30 pounds and was hungry all the time. I also learnt that HCG injections are effective when compared to sublingual drops.

But that is not the case. Within the 50 day period I had to visit the doctor again for another shot of HCG injections. This lead me to increase the budget that I had set up in the first place. If you guys would like to know as to how much I spent on the injections then I would say that it was well above $500. Pretty expensive eh?

If I had invested those $500 with hcg drops it would have lasted for more than 100 days and would have lost more weight.

Now, I am not going to judge the best of two. This is up to you. Taking the facts into account decide which is best.