Advantages and Disadvantages of HCG drops (Diet)

9b20cb0892f545e0f8129bd9c08bbf0966dc6df0Like every diet program on earth, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is only when the program leans towards the better side that we usually opt for it. Now, I am not going to tell whether the HCG drops are great or not. I advise you to read the pros and cons and finally make the decision by yourself independently.

Advantages of HCG drops:

1)     You will learn to master your hunger pangs, as it is common for people under HCG diet program to fell frequent hunger pangs. (You will generally be under a calorie diet of 500 or less calories.)

2)     The metabolism rate of your body shoots up. Which is to say that your body’s fat burning capacity is increased than before.

3)     The HCG drops detoxifies your body thereby losing water weight almost within few days of starting the diet.

4)     While on the diet, you will never accumulate fat within your body.

5)     On a daily basis a person can lose anywhere between 1-3 pounds of weight easily.

6)     Administration of the drops can be done orally or through injecting in your body.

Disadvantages of HCG diet or Drops:

1)     As with any diet program, it too has side effects. You will generally have nausea, headaches, and abdominal pain.

2)     You are not allowed to exercise while on HCG diet or Drops.

3)     Mostly these drops are sold without medical supervision and support. so, if you need any medical advise you will rarely find it. (you are advised to get hold of diet program with medical supervision)

4)     The drops work well only with the HCG diet.

5)     You are prohibited from consuming high fatty foods.

There we are. I had come up with the advantages after using it by myself. If you guys have anything to add to it then you are welcome to do so within the comment section.

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